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The flowers' colors will look close to what is shown on the website; when the arranged box will be exactly as you see online. At VeerBox, we strive to achieve the utmost perfection, and you can rest assured that we will make every effort to match the color and shape of the bouquet shown in the picture. 

We strongly recommend keeping the products with lids on or in the vases they arrived at, as this is intended to be a design feature, and VeerBox will not refund or exchange any product that is damaged due to the removal of their lids. 

The lifespan of roses can depend on many factors; the place you keep them at, the climate, and how you look after them; As a general rule, our Roses should last up to 5 days. Should you have further queries regarding your rose life span, please contact us on (details). 

Yes, however, some arrangements will need to be watered from the top, Please note that some boxed products cannot hold a lot of water due to their size. 

A single stem rose can stay wrapped for up to 24 hours. Larger bouquets will need to have their packaging removed and be placed in fresh water and a vase within a few hours or as soon as possible. 

You can dry the flowers to create a dried flower display or dry the flowers and turn the petals into potpourri by adding essential oils. 

Likely you won't be able to resist getting right to arranging as soon as your Bouquet Box arrives. But if you have the time to wait, it's best to trim stems and hydrate flowers for at least 2 to 4 hours before arranging. 

You can customize your items in flower selection or arrangement and choose the delivery location. 

Roses are often more fragrant in a warm, humid atmosphere and during the brief time before a summer storm. The fragrance of roses diminishes in drought. extreme heat, or cold days. We recommend keeping the roses indoors in a cool environment.